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About me

I have a memory that doesn't always store what I want in as much detail as I would like. At a certain point in my life, I realized the power that photography has to help my memories.


When I added that to the fact that the best memories we have are associated with the Love we share with someone, I decided it was time to start photographing all that is good about weddings, families, and friendships.

I had started photography early, I took my first summer course when I was still in high school, but then I put it aside, still not realizing its value.

However, life happened, I followed other passions, I did other things and I was in other places. Until photography pulled me back and I made it my way of life.

Nowadays I spend my time saving beautiful moments in photographs for myself and for those who know, like me, that we are our memories!

One of my favorite "targets" to photograph is my significant other, my Love, Isa.

And I also really enjoy being photographed with her and/or by her. :)

Photo of the proposal made by Elina Ketty Nolle

Photos of the engagement session and the wedding

made by Fotolux

Things I like

I love a good conversation. Talking about important things, those that move us in one way or another. If there's coffee in the mix, even better!

Movies and series! To make you laugh, to cry, fiction or animation, to watch at home in front of the fireplace or at the movies with friends, it doesn't matter as long as the story is good!

I have a soft spot for Star Wars and superhero movies. You can probably tell from the t-shirts...

Sports! Going for a run, playing a bit of basketball, and just going for a walk are things that help me feel in shape and relieve stress.

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