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Frequently asked questions:

"Do you photograph alone?"  

Most weddings I do. But if you want to have two photographers, it is possible. I recommend it when you're planning to have more than 200 guests or if your prep locations are more than 30 minutes away from each other.

"Do you also shoot video?"

No, because it would be very difficult to create a good result doing both at the same time! I want to tell your story with photographs. I leave the video to my videographer friends with whom I usually work, who are experts in this area, and I am very happy to recommend.

"How many photographs do we get?"

I don't have a photo limit, but I typically deliver an average of 700-1000 individually edited, high-res, ready-to-print photos.

"When do we get the photographs?"

The delivery time for the digital gallery is 3 weeks. After that, you can download all the photos! The delivery of the albums takes place about 60 days after the gallery, but it also depends on the speed of the couple's response during the feedback process.

"How do payments work?"

Booking of the date is made with a payment of 250€ (at this point a contract is drawn up with the details of the wedding and payments); the second payment of the remaining amount is due 7 days before the wedding.

"Do you have a time limit?"

I usually count on 16 hours of work on a wedding day. I start with the preparations and stay until I have good pictures of people having fun and dancing at night. If you find it necessary, you can always add extra hours.  

"Do you do weddings outside the country?"

Of course, I do! Distance will not stop me from photographing happy people. I'll find a way to get to you. For any travel to weddings or photo sessions exceeding 100km from Leiria, in Portugal, there will be a travel fee added. These amounts, when applicable, are paid up to 3 weeks after the wedding. Travel to weddings outside of mainland Portugal will be budgeted on a case-by-case basis.

"Where can we see your latest photos?"  

Take a look at my Instagram!

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