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It was hard but it was beautiful

Casamento Mosteiro da Batalha

Patrícia and João planned a great party but the pandemic opposed their plans. They adjusted, persevered, and had a beautiful wedding at the end of Summer.

On a sunny day at the end of September, they got ready and gathered family and friends, although a smaller number than what they had wished and they had two ceremonies in one.

João was baptized and immediately after that the two of them became husband and wife.

The ceremony happened at Batalha's monastery, possibly with the most enthusiastic priest I have ever heard speak, and I've heard a lot! Everyone was in a good mood at that ceremony!

The reception took place at Quinta de Santo António do Freixo, close to Leiria, prepared by Iguarias do Tempo, where after the arrival of the bride and groom, they cut their cake and were properly blessed by a few raindrops. :)

The high spirits were constant throughout but there were a special number of laughs during the video that was prepared for the bride and groom by their family and friends. It's funny how weddings are often the perfect excuse to dig up the little treasures of the past.

There was quite a bit of celebrating and there were even some that didn't get off the dance floor even when they got tired. ;)

Alianças casamento infinito
Relógio botões de punho casamento
Irmãos e noivo
Sobrinhos do noivo
Mãe do noivo
Noivo pronto para casar
Retrato noivo pronto para casar
Brincos e colar da avó da noiva Bride's grandma earings and necklace
Bouquet noiva
Noiva relaxa antes do casamento
Sapatos da noiva
Amiga da noiva ajuda a vestir
Família vê a noiva pronta
a liga the garter
avó põe os brincos à noiva
Bouquet noiva flores brancas
Retrato noiva pronta
Noiva ri com o irmão
Noiva com o véu
Vitral mosteiro da Batalha
Noivo chega com a mãe
Damas de honor bridesmaids
noiva entra com o pai
noivos encontram-se na cerimónia
padre bem disposto
Votos de casamentos wedding vows
troca de alianças wedding ring exchange
padre oferece uma bíblia priest offers a bible
bride and groom exit
Hands and wedding rings
Bride and groom portraits
Quinta de Santo António do Freixo jardim
Noiva e noivo juntos sorriem
casados finalmente
Bolo casamento
corte do bolo cutting the cake
bride and groom enjoy dinner
grandma with grandchildren laughing
father of the bride being funny
Guests enjoy video of bride and groom
Noivos escondem a cara ao ver vídeo da infância
Noivos abraçam-se enquanto vêem vídeo
Noivo imita noiva
Primeira dança dos noivos bride and groom 1st dance
guests dance at wedding
Bride laughs with bridesmaids
groom dances with flowergirls
pais da noiva dançam felizes
noivos abraçam-se na pista de dança
Noiva lança bouquet bouquet toss
amiga salta para agarrar bouquet friend jumps to grab bouquet
Kid sleeps on dancefloor

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